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Work that Matters by WorqIQ

Each week hosts Shawn Murphy and Mark S. Babbitt from WorqIQ bring you insights and stories on how to create a positive experience of work for you and your team.

Aug 5, 2014

In a global, 24/7 market place, the demands on businesses are significant. How executives guide a company through the business complexities differentiates the winners from the mediocre performers.

On Work That Matters we like to explore how managers can make a difference in their organizations and for their employees. In this episode we'll look at some of the ingredients necessary to flawlessly execute ideas in today's complex business world. My guest is James Kerr.

James is a management consultant, organizational behaviorist and partner at Blum Shapiro — a regional accounting, tax and business consulting firm based in New England. There James specializes in strategic planning, corporate transformation and project & program development.

He is the author of four books, including The Executive Checklist, the book we'll explore today.

Get ready to take notes. More great wisdom coming your way.

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