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A business’s culture is vital to its success. Ignore culture and the workplace devolves into a toxic mess. But how does a manager avoid such an affliction on the business’s culture? How does a manager purposefully create a culture that inspires people to do their best work? How does a manager lead a team that aligns with the intended culture?

John Childress, author, speaker and consultant, talks about the nuances and concepts that make understanding and creating a thriving culture so difficult. Throughout the conversation, John does a great job explaining what culture is and what it isn't. 

We explore topics from John's latest book, Leverage: The CEO's Guide to Corporate Culture.

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You spend half your life working. Doesn’t it make sense that your work be a positive force in your life? Perhaps more audacious than that is this: what about finding fulfillment in the work you do?

Such outcomes are within your reach. My guest today is author, speaker, coach, and consultant Pam Slim. Pam wrote the award winning Escape from Cubicle Nation and her latest book is Body of Work.

In today's interview, Pam guides us through ideas and actions that can help you in your journey to create a body of work that you can be proud of.

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Mila Baker is an educator, speaker, consultant and author who believes that there is a better way for us to work together that's not the traditional hierarchy. Her latest book, Peer-toPeer Leadership examines a newer way of working that draws insights from networks - technical and relational. It's a fascinating look that is rooted in our human nature to connect with one another.

Mila also paints a vivid picture of what could happen if we don't evolve from our dependency on the hierarchy. Indeed it transforms the way we design our businesses, but it also demands a type of leadership that is as transformative as her idea.

This interview introduces you to some great new insights that will have you grabbing for your notepad. Get ready to take notes. More great wisdom coming your way.

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CEO of start-up Jostle, Brad Palmer, opens up and explains the leadership necessary to help a start-up company succeed. Admittedly a light sleeper, Brad cogently explains the invaluable co-creation process to help his company meet customer expectations. Furthermore, Brad riffs on how to provide clarity for a fast moving team who excels and executing and maintaining close relationships with customers. Brad is an insightful man with deliberate actions that lead to a healthy, growing start-up. 

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In our work, communication is vital to have thriving relationships. With thriving relationships we can accomplish more together. But what does it look like to communicate and interact with others that lead to impact? And what do our thought patterns have to do with communications and the impact we have on those whom we lead? 

To do work that matters we need to be stronger in connecting with people in meaningful ways.

Listen as I interview emmy-winner Kare Anderson on how to manifest win-win relationships in our lives.

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Navigating your career without a plan is treacherous if you want to be successful. My guest today is founder and principal Robert Dilenschneider of The Dilenschneider Group. From being manner literate in today’s tech-filled workplace to using the grapevine to your benefit, Robert shares career advice for millennials and even the experienced amongst us.

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Though small in size, TinyHR is mighty in it’s impact as a young start-up. Located in Seattle, WA founder of TinyHR David Niu and I discuss practices that lead to engaging workplaces and what leaders can do to help employees do meaningful work. We explore some surprises from their recent engagement survey, happiness in the workplace and the power of “the pause.”

Get ready to take notes. More great wisdom coming your way.

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